The Nautilus

The Submarine that made it Possible

The Nautilus was the submarine the Captain Nemo built that carried him and his crew all across the world from under the sea. Nemo learned everything he knew about the ocean from within this sub and it remains to be one of the most innovative vehicles ever invented.

The sub was built with every situation in mind, it used salt water as a sustainable energy source and had space for fresh water storage for the crew. Nemo had also made diving suits so that him and his crew could venture outside the submarine to search for resources and hunt for fish to eat.

The salon of the submarine also contained Nemo’s own personal museum that he used to catalog all of his findings and as well as all his inventions. This room also had a large circular window to the outside where he could observe all of the ocean from inside.

Nemo's Journey

As Documented by Dr. Aronnax

January 1868

Papuan natives try to invade the Nautilus but are repelled by the electrical current.

January 1868

Dr. Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned Land accompany Captain Nemo to collect pearls near Sri Lanka

February 1868

Dr. Aronnax and Captain Nemo take an underwater walk to Atlantis.

March 1868

Captain Nemo plants his flag on the South Pole.

April 1868

A giant squid pulls one of Captain Nemo's men into the ocean.

June 1868

The Nautilus sinks the warship that is hunting it.